Pyramid of coins

Requirement: A glass glass full rice lots of coins a pencil How to play: This is a very simple but interesting game, can be played as single user one by one – Take a glassful of rice – Fix pencil in the rice to stand firm – Give coins to the payers – Player have … Continue reading Pyramid of coins

Funny couple game of balloon poping

Requirements lots of balloons enough open space like gardon, big hall, playing ground stopwatch (any smartphone will work) How To Play Create 5 to 10 teams; team should have male and female partners Give ballons to couples Male partner need to burst balloon by pressing hard on back body (butt) of female partner, couple only … Continue reading Funny couple game of balloon poping

Say Quick Name Game

Requirements : Nothing than 1 host to organise and some players. 🙂 How To Play : Host has to give a word say ‘love’. The player who will start the game has to think of a person to whom he/she love and say her/his name within 3 seconds. For example if host say dark then … Continue reading Say Quick Name Game

Pop Coins – Couple Party Game

Requirements : Pop-sticks as per the number of couples 1 rupee coins (approximately 10-20) How To Play : Give one pop-stick and bowl of coins to the couple. They have to put the pop-stick in their mouth such that 1st partner and 2nd partner hold each end of the pop-stick. Now both partners have to … Continue reading Pop Coins – Couple Party Game