Pick By Sticks Game

How To Play Pick By Sticks Game : This is one minute game. Give 1 bown with rice and chopsticks. Tell players to pick rice with stick but only 1 rice at one time. This is very funny and intresting game for parties . If u play this game then please share your experience wit … Continue reading Pick By Sticks Game

Bottle Shoot – Fun Game

Requirements : 4 bottles with number on it as 5,10,15,20. table 5 tennis balls How To Play : Place 4 bottles on a table with some distance in between them. The player have to stand about 10 feet from the table. Give Him/Her 5 tennis balls to throw at the bottles. If the bottle is … Continue reading Bottle Shoot – Fun Game

More In one – Funny Party Games

How to play more in one : More party and funny games in one video. Games for kids , adults and seniors. Funny and indoor games which you can play with your family. Just watch video and choose your game to play đŸ™‚ If You Like This Game Then Please Share This With Your Friends