Collect Buttons – One Minute Game

Requirements : 10 Red, 20 green and 40 white colour buttons or you can use any colour. A pack of large safety pins How To Play : Put all the buttons in a small bowl and mix it. Give marks to colours like white button 5 marks , green button 10 marks and red button … Continue reading Collect Buttons – One Minute Game

Open Royal Card – Playing Cards Game

requirements : One pack of playing cards How to Play : Mix the cards and place the cards in upside down position. Player will open one card at a time, if the turned card is Jack,Queen,King,ace then the player kept that card with him and he has to open another cards if another is also … Continue reading Open Royal Card – Playing Cards Game

Guess Celebrity – Puzzle Game

Requirements : Write below on a paper some clues which represents the name of the bollywood actresses and get it photocopied as per the number of players Line Dot New Meditation Necklace Brotherly love Without sin Eye liner Deepak ki low Miracle Full moon Jasmine Wisdom Queen Honey Shy Sapphire Prayer Architect Sparkle Pen/pencil for … Continue reading Guess Celebrity – Puzzle Game

Mew Mew… – Fun Game

Requirements : 4/5 groups of 8/10 players. small paper chits with following father cat,mother cat, baby cat and baba cat. Similarly prepare it for other animals like dog, crow, donkey,parrot. Make set of 4 chits equal to the number of groups. How To Play : When time start, all the players open there chits and … Continue reading Mew Mew… – Fun Game