Skip Your Name Game

Requirements : Nothing just more than 10 people who are interested in playing game. How To Play : Ask Players to sit circle so they all can see each other and its easy for host also. Then Start game with one person saying first alphabet i.e. A. Next person should say next alphabet i.e. B. … Continue reading Skip Your Name Game

Bread Competition – One Minute Game

Requirements : Lots of bread packets. Give 2-3 packets of bread (at least 10-15 bread in each packet). Game is player has to eat bread as many as they can in one minute. In that one minute player cant drink water or any other drinks. We can also play this with other things like glucose … Continue reading Bread Competition – One Minute Game

Score With Lohri Sweet Game

Requirements : A bag full of lohri sweets for eg. popcorn, revri, moongphali, some pieces of chikki An empty bowl How To Play : Game is Every participant has to put their hands in the bag and bring out a handful of lohri sweets and put it in the empty bowl. Count that sweet as … Continue reading Score With Lohri Sweet Game