Water Balloon War Game

Requirements : Colour Water filled balloons Two plastic bags How To Play : Divide the players into two teams at least 10-15 people per team. Give each team a big tub full of water balloons When time starts, players try to hit the member of the other team with water balloons for one minute. If … Continue reading Water Balloon War Game

Pass -Pass Balloon Game

Requirements : Balloons filled with coloured water. safety pin or small niddle. How To Play : Let all the players stand in a circle Give one water filled balloon by making a small hole with the help of a pin, to any one player. When time starts, players have to toss the leaking balloon to … Continue reading Pass -Pass Balloon Game

Pick Ice With Picks Game

Requirements : Lots of ice cubes One big bowls and some medium size bowls one each per player. One toothpick per each Player How To Play : Put lots of ice cubes in one big bowl. Give empty medium size bowl to player , one bowl to each player . Give 1 toothpick to each … Continue reading Pick Ice With Picks Game

Collect Fruits Game

Requirements : On big tub filled with water One empty bowl Fruits with their stems or if you want this game more difficult then take fuits without there stems. swimming goggles How To Play : Keep a tub filled with water on a table and an empty bowl nearby. Put some fruits such as oranges, … Continue reading Collect Fruits Game