balloon game for Holi festival

Water balloon game is a team game, best to play at Holi festival with friends and family members. It’s a time bound game, it can be played for 3 or 5 or 10 minutes. Requirements 1. buckets filled with color water 2. empty buckets 3. balloons Steps to play this game 1. create team of … Continue reading balloon game for Holi festival

Play Holi With Partner Game

Requirements : Jugs and cups Buckets filled with water How To Play : Mark a starting and finishing line about 15 feet long. Ask one partner to sit on the floor at the finishing line. Give one jug and ask him/her to keep it on their head. Other partner will stand at the starting line … Continue reading Play Holi With Partner Game

Find Royal Family – Playing Card Game

Requirements : pack of Playing cards Tray How to Play : Give 1 pack of playing card and 1 tray to each player. Place the King, Queen, Jack of any one colour facing upwards on the tray Spread the rest of the cards with face down covering those three cards. Player has to blow the … Continue reading Find Royal Family – Playing Card Game

Throw & Win – Playing Cards Game

Requirements : A pack of playing cards An empty bowl How To Play : Keep a bowl on the table. Mark line about 7 to 8 feet distance from table. Tell player to stand at the end of line. Give a pack of playing cards to the Player. As the time starts, the player has … Continue reading Throw & Win – Playing Cards Game

Coin Scorer Game

Requirements : Coin score list for all the participants How To Play : tell all participants to check the coins which they have with them . Coins should be any value old or new, may be foreign currency coins or also coins which removed from present currency. Ask them to count score of coin as … Continue reading Coin Scorer Game