Creative Mind Game

requirement : Matchsticks Gum or cello tape (if needed) Table or hardboard How to play : Give matchbox and also give hardboard or table to all players Tell players to create any thing creative or usefull or show piece , frame. etc what ever they want to create by matchsticks but within 10 mins. choose … Continue reading Creative Mind Game

Toss & Win Game

Requirements : chocolates (like in image or any toffees) We can use any other stuff like matchstick, coins, ..etc. or which ever we can toss by thumb. glass table how to play : keep glass on 1 end table and player stand up at other end same table give them chocolates or whatever stuff we … Continue reading Toss & Win Game

Matchstick Roman Game

Requirements : Matchsticks or matchboxes as per the number of participants How To Play : Give one matchbox to each participant. Each participant has to make roman numbers using the matchstick as like shown in image. Time limit is 1 minute. Whoever makes maximum roman numbers with matchsticks in one minute is the winner. Roman … Continue reading Matchstick Roman Game

1 Chance 1 Candle Game

Requirements : 1 Candles Matchbox A cloth for blind folding players A table How To Play : Keep the candle near table’s edge and light it. Bring the player in front of candle & blind fold him/her. Ask player to take 3 round turns and now he/she needs to blow off the candle. But there … Continue reading 1 Chance 1 Candle Game