Rangoli smiley Game

Requirements : some bangles different colors of rangoli like yellow, black, red. How To Play : Give the bangle and all colors of rangoli to the player. The game is that players have to make smiley’s with these colors. For eg. keep the bangles as round face, put black color as eyes then yellow color … Continue reading Rangoli smiley Game

Ribbon Dance Game

Requirements : Different colour ribbons cut into 6 feet long How To Play : Let all the participants who want to dance stand in a circle. The host will stand in the mid of circle holding different colour 6 feet long ribbons from the middle so that the ends are hanging loose. Everybody has to … Continue reading Ribbon Dance Game

Skip Your Name Game

Requirements : Nothing just more than 10 people who are interested in playing game. How To Play : Ask Players to sit circle so they all can see each other and its easy for host also. Then Start game with one person saying first alphabet i.e. A. Next person should say next alphabet i.e. B. … Continue reading Skip Your Name Game

Sweets Diwali Game

Requirements : 5 sweets/chocolates for each player Dice How To Play : Let all the players sit in a circle & give 5 sweets/chocolates to everyone. The game is everyone has to roll the dice one by one. If the player gets any number from 1-5 for for example 4 then the player sitting fourth … Continue reading Sweets Diwali Game