Solve Some Riddles Game

Requirements : Take print out of the below riddles as per the number of players Pen/Pencil 1. What is light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold it more than a few minutes? 2. What two things can you never eat for breakfast? 3. Who is that who cannot speak, cannot see, … Continue reading Solve Some Riddles Game

newspaper necklace Game

Requirements: Large number of newspapers How To Play : Mark line 15/20 feet of distance. Request all the ladies to sit on a chair at the one end of marked line. Give lots of newspapers to all men and ask them to stand on other end of marked line Men have task to tear a … Continue reading newspaper necklace Game

Who Am I – Puzzle Game

Requirements : Small labels with famous Bible Character names for eg. Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses,Abraham,David, Mary, Jesus,Peter, Paul,Elijah,phillip,Ruth,Job,Luke,Daniel etc How To Play : Make small labels using characters from Bible. When the guests starts pouring in ,Tell them the theme and ask if they are interested to play this game then stick one label … Continue reading Who Am I – Puzzle Game

Matchstick Roman Game

Requirements : Matchsticks or matchboxes as per the number of participants How To Play : Give one matchbox to each participant. Each participant has to make roman numbers using the matchstick as like shown in image. Time limit is 1 minute. Whoever makes maximum roman numbers with matchsticks in one minute is the winner. Roman … Continue reading Matchstick Roman Game

Pass The Candle – Race Game

Requirements : 4-5 groups with 3 players in each group Candles Match Box Plate How To Play : Mark a start and finish lines about 20 feet, mark lines as per number of groups means if 4 groups are playing at a time then mark 4 lines. Give some candles , 1 plate and matchbox … Continue reading Pass The Candle – Race Game