Cucumber on Head Game

Requirements : Two teams. a slice of cucumber for each player or u can use biscuits also. How To Play : Split into 2 teams.The first person puts the cucumber orbiscuits on their forehead. Challenge is to move it down your face, without using hands, and into your mouth. If the item falls you can … Continue reading Cucumber on Head Game

Guess the advertisement game.

Requirements : Two teams. list of common advertisement taglines. How To Play : Start game bye asking teams to guess the product for each tagline. Team who guess the maximum number of product wins. If You Like This Game Then Please Share This With Your Friends

Hanging Donuts Game

Requirements : donuts. string and scissors. How To Play : Hang each donuts on a string, one per person. So, six players, six donuts hung up. The donuts need to hang at about mouth height for the players. On the command, each person must try to eat their donuts without using their hands. First one to … Continue reading Hanging Donuts Game

Vegetables Peelings Game

Requirements : Vegetable peeler. Stopwatch. Vegetables likes potato, cucumber, apple or similar fruit. How To Play : Give some raw potatoes and a peeler to each player. On the command, player should peel the potatoes. This game can be played with cucumber, apple or similar fruits and vegetables. Player who peel maximum numbers of vegetables … Continue reading Vegetables Peelings Game

All Time Favourites Indoor Game

Here are some Games which we play from childhood and I think there is no need to explain how to play this games because we all know this games very well. Musical Chair Chess Carom Ludo Antakshari Drawing competition Passing the parcel Tic-Tac-Toe Fancy dress competition Play this and remember your childhood days ,fun, sweet … Continue reading All Time Favourites Indoor Game