holi festival balloon team game

balloon game for Holi festival

Water balloon game is a team game, best to play at Holi festival with friends and family members. It’s a time bound game, it can be played for 3 or 5 or 10 minutes.

1. buckets filled with color water
2. empty buckets
3. balloons

Steps to play this game

1. create team of having 2 player on each team
2. give color water bucket to team (bucket should have unique color water like if one team have blue color water, another team should have red colour water etc)
3. give balloons to teams
4. put empty buckets at the distance of 15 feet in front of each team
5. one team member should blow balloons (as much as they can) with color water (using their color water bucket)
6. another team member need to throw that water balloon at 15 feet distance bucket and try to fill it as much as he/she can
7. whoever fill the bucket with maximum color water, that team will be the winner

Play this interesting and funny game at Holi festival with your friends and family members and enjoy. Happy Holi!!

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