1 Chance 1 Candle Game

Requirements :

  • 1 Candles
  • Matchbox
  • A cloth for blind folding players
  • A table

How To Play :

  • Keep the candle near table’s edge and light it.
  • Bring the player in front of candle & blind fold him/her.
  • Ask player to take 3 round turns and now he/she needs to blow off the candle.
  • But there is only one chance to blow off candle.
  • If player blow on wrong side or candle not off in single blow then he/she is out.
  • Fun part is watching player trying to blow of the candle where it has never been 🙂
  • No time limit but player have only one chance.
  • Player who blows off the candle in one chance will wins !.

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