Guess the words/things

Indoor game for kids and adults This game takes minimum preparation time as well as minimum properties to play the game, and easiest but interesting. Requirements : * Pen * Paper How to play Give a alphabet to the players and they have to write the words starts from the alphabet, The player writes maximum … Continue reading Guess the words/things

Tongue twister in Hindi

Tongue twister is all time favourite game for all age groups. Every one loves playing it and showing command over the language. Here are many HINDI tongue twisters, that can be played at any occasion and by any age group of people. Specially when is summer it becomes difficult to go outside and play, tongue … Continue reading Tongue twister in Hindi

Christmas game tree decoration

Christmas is great to have fun time with family and friends. If you are planning Christmas party at home, and looking to have some good game ideas. This Christmas tree decoration game is good to play with all age group people in short duration. Requirements : Christmas trees decoration stuff – (get all the below … Continue reading Christmas game tree decoration